The Space

We invite you to join us at our nuturing and intimate studio. Our classes will deliver inspiring total body workouts to challenge you both physically and mentally every single time. Our goal is to teach understanding not just exercise and help our clients to move well in their everyday activities. Our teachers will guide and motivate and challenge our clients every step of the way.

A Space created for wellness.

Everybody can benefit from pilates everyday. We welcome people of all ages abilities and fitness levels. We invite you to make it your own.

The Instructors


Pilates is truly one of my favourite things to do everyday! It helps me move more mindfully throughout my day and inspires me to share my vision with others!

My journey in pilates began over a decade ago with Network Australia matwork. I have also completed a course in studio pilates international matwork and advanced matwork, as well as courses in reformer pilates, ball, band and circle pilates.

I also specialise in pilates for pregnancy and pilates for back pain as well as classes using the Wunda chair. Coffee and family time make me happy.


I am a firefighter where fitness plays an integral role in my daily duties.

My love of sports; soccer, surfing, martial arts etc enhances my ability to offer an alternate style to your everyday pilates reformer classes.

I enjoy helping our clients to realise their own fitness goals. I have trained with studio pilates international and I specialise in matwork and reformer pilates.


Coming from a dance background, pilates was the perfect exercise for my personal style.

After a long career in the fashion industry I decided to make my “hobby” a lifestyle. I completed my education with Studio Pilates International and completed courses in matwork, pregnancy and post natal and reformer pilates.

I want to share with my clients the enjoyment pilates gives me, a clear mind and healthy body. Outside of the studio I enjoy my morning coffee and making memories with my family.


Currently competing, training and teaching crossfit, I understand the enjoyment of pushing your body to the limits and the frustrations that come with injury.

Programming is the medium in which I use to help and influence people positively. I love the science behind finding the perfect program for each person.

I am primarily an Exercise Physiologist, with qualifications in the following; Bachelor Of Science, Masters Of Clinical Exercise Physiology, Studio Pilates International, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 Crossfit, Certificate of Health and Safety and Diploma of remedial massage.